Canis Major

by Palisades

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Canis Major was recorded live at Aesthetic Studios. Engineered by Alexander Smith. Mixed by Tom Jenkins. Cover photo by Luke Pownall. Thank you all.

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Lyric notes:

* Voice 1.
** Voice 2.
*** Voice 3.


released May 8, 2012



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Palisades Melbourne, Australia

We are a band from Melbourne, Australia.

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Track Name: Ditch Medicine
* And if we're fine why am I coughing blood? Give my limbs to my sisters, tell them to place them crossed so they lay as if they're shaming a god who forgot us. We watched them burn. We watched them drown in front of us. All that is left of me. All that I have to give. Throw my dreams in the ocean and sell us to the wise.

**/*** Year after year.
Track Name: Frater Perdurabo
* When you hand me over to your leaders drain the blood before the burning. The beat down starts at those greed-stained, hazy, desperate, love-locked cretins. Here to tell you that the act of being noble has gotten passe. One time, one time to show them my delight for plaguing symptoms. I know that I'm pathetic. I know now that we've dressed flowers we can beg that this scene be cleansed, blessed and forgotten. These art-punk, rich fucks never saw the sense and it gets harder to stay. I know we're pathetic.

**/*** Break free, jump ship.
Track Name: The Villagers Wouldn't Allow It
* Bone to bone. Bridge to bridge. We've built these cities in a pinch design where the right or wrong reside born on green reward. She drinks to love. She drinks til she is sick of it. The face behind the heroic proud few. They'll take what they want to get where they want. This desire, we won't be a part now. This is a spit in the face of romance and those who fucked with us. We've fought those who fucked with us. Fucked those who fought with us.
Track Name: I've Never Been As Bad As They Say
* Behold the juggernaut. Behold the beauty of it. In lust with burning up. Where is my shame parade? Where is my broken home? The things I've done when I'm alone. The places I have betrayed my own. Please let me forget everything. One to my mother, one to my father with hate and heart. When you pray, I wont pray. I won't pray for you. I can't hate all young lovers. But I can hate my own misery. I don't stand for much. I don't stand for much more than my own lies.

** You might be made of stone but I am fragile and I break under the weight of this all to heavy load.

*** I will let my heart resonate. With these hands I will protect this gift of living.