Demo 2011

by Palisades

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Original 2011 Demo. Old Songs. Download and distribute as you like.


released August 28, 2011

Recorded By Palisades in Room 5, Three Phase Studios, Burnswick, Victoria. Australia. With the help of Sean Callanan, Cohen Grant and Gus. Along with Rory Keelart who lent us gear. Without these people we wouldn't have this recording. Thank you.



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Palisades Melbourne, Australia

We are a band from Melbourne, Australia.

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Track Name: Third Shower Of The Day
Wake up, and tell you kids to bite the pavement.

Pray to their TV's. Bless their tumours, Give up, renegades!

Wake up, thumb plucked, dusted, alone. Wake and taste the chemicals as these circuits evolve.

(We are the brightest of lights, we are the strength of tides.)

We have nothing to lose. We have no one left to save for.

We were born to rise again but the dark won't wait for us.

We have heart. We have nothing. The dark has raised me.
Track Name: Over Charm And Under Wit
Bent arms pray for the news to be that their parts have all gone.

We stand knocking those that have gave their hearts to love.

Cynthia! Cynthia! Breathe. Breathe.

Show that I want for the chase and the kill.

When we're back from this broken place, (the) cheers are (still) hard to make sense of.

When we are gone things will burn.

[Tear down the walls.]
(We move as hurricanes./Just shy of the fallen rain.)

Cynthia. Breathe. Show me your world. Take back the taste. Take back the time. Breathe and take back your life.
Track Name: A Wonderful Summer To Start Smoking Cigarettes And Hooking Up With Drummers
There'll be no dancing, no time for a mass parade of bodies chained in lust. Now we can sing... dying, desperate.

There'll be no leaning on hand grenades for a change in our sound. Every sign. Everyday. You pretend.

(Keep breathing, keep breathing, be kind to each other.)

Trying hard to keep our feet to the new found beat to compensate for when we are gone.

Please leave your seat, but spare me the yarn.

There'll be no dancing. No saviour for a ghost.

(You grew me strong, you grew me strong and loud. I hope I've done you proud.)

There'll be no dancing, we are taking to the stars.

(I'm not so strong, I'm not so strong or loud. Tell me I've done you proud.)

We won't even move our feet, but we'll make it to the stars.

(I'm growing strong, I'm growing strong and loud. I know I've done you proud.)

When we've left no one needs to know who we were.

No one needs to know. We are for the stars.
Track Name: Benny Blanco From The Bronx
Cut to the whip cracking where the hero screams, "please no more!".

Nothing would please me more.

Did you tell them why profiteers soar? The rich get poor so we dissolve.

When you're dead we are not missing it. That sun that we've got is large but cold.

We won't sell our souls, so we leave alone.

Now is where we fail. Now we sleep alone.

(There's no hope now they're wearing golden frowns./No hope now, no hope now.)

Painted face. Half-hacked ear. Cut back grin. This is an artist's revenge.